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032645 - THE SUKHOI SU-27: Russia's Air Superiority and Multi-role Fighter, 1977 to the Present

By Andy Groning

This detailed, illustrated look at the Russian Sukhoi Su-27 fighter aircraft features complete discussions of its design, construction, and operational use, as well as all technical systems and weapons. Developed in the 1970s as a match for the American F-15 “Eagle,” the aircraft remains one of the most important fighters in the current Russian arsenal, and has formed the basis for many variants including the Su-30, Su-34, and Su-35. Though larger than Russia’s famed MiG-29, it is extremely maneuverable and considerably more powerful. The Su-27 can also fly at extremely high angles of attack—an ability it is fond of demonstrating at airshows, along with its legendary “Cobra” maneuver. The Su-27 remains in production, and nearly a dozen countries—including China, India, and Vietnam—currently operate this high-performance aircraft. The book is superbly illustrated with more than 210 color images, and includes more than thirty color aircraft profiles displaying color schemes.

Format Hardback
Pages 224
Publication Date November 2018

210 colour photos and profiles

Width (mm) 215
Height (mm) 280
Dust Jacket ?
ISBN 978-0-7643-5637-7


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