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032804 - CAUDRON-RENAULT CR.714 CYCLONE: The Ultimate Story

By Babak Taghvaee

This book describes, in previously untold detail, the story of the development and service of the Reanualt-Caudron CR.714C1 "Cyclone” in the French and Finnish Air Forces.

Whilst the concept of “lightweight” fighters was examined in many countries before and during WW2, the little Caudron was one of the very few to see production and service. On operations its limitations were cruelly exposed, but this did not stop its pilots (French, Polish and Finnish) from doing their very best, and this book is dedicated to their bravery.

Comprehensively illustrated with photos, scale plans, detail drawings and color profiles, this book is essential reading for enthusiasts and historians of air combat in WW2.


Format Hardback
Pages 456
Publication Date Due end Sept 2019
Pictures 1100 photos, 150 drawings and 3D views, 100 colour profiles and maps
Width (mm) 210
Height (mm) 297
Dust Jacket ?
ISBN 978-8-36142-126-9



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